Car Care Tips That Make A Difference

car care tipsYou want your car to last longer and to make that happen you will have to follow your car’s maintenance schedule. Proper and timely maintenance makes a difference and can help extend the life of your car.

Here are some tips to take care of your car:

Check oil – Do not ignore your car’s oil change schedule. Clean engine oil is important to the running performance of your car. Not changing its oil can damage the engine.

Check coolant – Change the coolant every year as it helps the cooling system work efficiently and prevent overheating. It advised put an equal amount of distilled water and coolant to prevent deposits and corrosion buildup in the cooling system.

Check differential oil and transmission – Although the differential and transmission oil does not require frequent changing, it is important to change it based on the service frequency. Normally, when the fluid colour is dark, it is a sign that it needs a fluid change.

Sufficient lubrication – Some mechanical parts of the car need grease to function efficiently and last longer. Parts like the ball joint need good lubrication to prolong its life.

Interior protection – Blocking sun rays from penetrating to your car window help protect the interior of your car. If your car windows are not tinted, then consider installing automotive glass window films to protect leather, vinyl and plastic interior parts of the car from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Wash and wax the car – Washing the exterior of the car removes road grime and winter salt. Applying a coat of high-quality wax help keep the paint look great and protected. Apply car wax at least twice a year.